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australien probleme

Eine Übersicht eingeschleppter, tierischer Plagegeister, die Australiens Um das Problem in den Griff zu bekommen, werden seit mehreren Jahren unter. Australien Informationen - Fauna. Seit der Besiedlung Australiens durch die Europäer sind insgesamt 20 Säugetierarten und 16 Vogelarten ausgestorben. Aug. Gut erschlossen, leicht zu bereisen, kaum Kriminalität: So denken viele Studenten über Australien. Sie touren während der Semesterferien mit.

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Ohne Ausnahme sind alle meine Freunde in einem Haus entweder in den Vorstaedten oder in der laendlichen Gegend von Victoria aufgewachsen. Bis Dezember war ich selbst Also ich finds richtig toll.!! Vor allem Süd- und Zentralaustralien sind davon betroffen, aber auch in den übrigen Teilen des Landes herrscht Wassermangel. Des Weiteren ist so ziemlich jedes Korallenriff eine wahre Giftfabrik. Reise durch den Roten Kontinent Wenn man von Klimawandel spricht, ist meist die globale Erwärmung damit gemeint, deren Folgen in Down Under bereits heute deutlich sichtbar sind.

In , a Victorian Fox Bounty Trial began to test the efficacy of fox bounties which have been in place intermittently since only 30 years after introduction.

The study showed no reduction in fox impacts, and that the project may even have been counterproductive. Feral cat bounties in Queensland have also been considered to counter the growing problem.

The dingo is subject to various controversial bounty systems in Australia. The Australian dingo was itself introduced before European settlement, yet has been considered native of the mainland in most cases and is considered a pest to livestock.

Introduced birds considered pests include the common myna , the common starling , the spotted dove and rock pigeon common pigeon. Initially introduced to control locust plagues, the Indian myna breeds prolifically in urban environments in the eastern states.

The bird has caused human health concerns due to the spread of mites and disease and it has also been known to force native birds and their eggs from their nests.

The rock pigeon in particular has acidic faeces and can damage human property, including historic stone buildings. Historically, control programs have struggled to curb the expansion and proliferation of invasive bird populations in Australia.

A new program in Canberra has reversed this trend regarding mynas. As of June the Action Group has recorded over 45, myna captures in the Canberra region since This has correlated with anecdotal evidence of increased nesting activity and prevalence of native species in the Canberra region.

Despite the number of rock pigeons, many people continue to feed the birds bread crumbs and assist them to breed in great numbers.

It is not illegal to feed pigeons in Australia, and many local proposals to cull pigeons have been rejected.

Programs promoting indigenous plantations to attract native birds are an alternative method of promoting native species rejuvenation. Invasive freshwater fish species in Australia include carp , brown trout , rainbow trout , redfin perch , mosquitofish Gambusia spp , weather loach , and spotted tilapia among others.

While the damaging impact of carp is well recognised, little in the way of control measures have been employed to control their spread. Their ability to colonise almost any body of water, even those previously considered to be beyond their physical tolerances, is now well established.

Problem insects include red imported fire ants Solenopsis invicta , yellow crazy ants Anoplolepis gracilipes , black Portuguese millipedes Ommatoiulus moreletii , Western honey bees Apis mellifera , and European wasps Vespula germanica ; known elsewhere by the common name "German wasps".

Both the honey bee and European wasp are well established and now impossible to eradicate in Australia. Honey bees take over potential nesting hollows for native animals and are very hard to remove once established.

The fire ant in particular, with its venomous stings, poses a direct threat to human lifestyle. Although control is extremely difficult and spread quickly, the species is currently effectively quarantined to South East Queensland.

The yellow crazy ant is currently quarantined to Christmas Island where it has had a significant environmental impact.

A number of marine pests have arrived in Australia in the ballast water of cargo ships. Marine pests include the black-striped mussel Mytilopsis sallei , the Asian mussel , the New Zealand green-lipped mussel , and the European shore crab.

The Northern Pacific seastar in Tasmania , Inverloch , and Port Phillip has caused much localised environmental damage.

Weeds invade natural landscapes, waterways, and agricultural land. Originally, plants were most likely to be considered weeds if they had a direct economic impact, especially on agricultural production.

However, growing environmental consciousness since the s has led to the recognition of environmental weeds; plants which have adverse effects on the natural ecosystem of an area.

The management of invasive species is carried out by individuals, conservation groups, and government agencies. The Australian Quarantine and Inspection Service is responsible for ensuring that no new species with the potential to become invasive species enter Australia.

Several scientific bodies are involved in research for the control of invasive species. The CSIRO has released several successful biological pest control agents and developed chemical agents for pest and weed control.

Rabbit haemorrhagic disease escaped containment from an Australian Government research facility and spread across Australia. Rabbit hemorrhagic disease was subsequently legalised for the control of wild rabbits.

The moth Cactoblastis cactorum was introduced for the control of prickly pear, and the salvinia weevil Cyrtobagous salviniae for the control of aquatic weed Salvinia.

More doubtful biological controls were the cane toad , which was introduced to control the sugar cane destroying cane beetle; instead the cane toad ate anything and everything else—the beetle was not its preferred food source given choice.

The cane toad in Australia has become the biological control that is most infamous for having been a complete failure as well as becoming an environmental nightmare.

Walter Froggatt , and economic entomologist, warned of this likelihood at the time. Another example of a poorly researched introduced biological control is the sap sucking lantana bug Aconophora compressa also from South America that was introduced into Australia in the to eat the lantana.

Unfortunately, the lantana bug also attacks other trees including fiddlewood trees which has caused distress to some gardeners.

The lantana bug had been tested for six years on 62 different plants. Aconophora compressa was the 28th insect introduced to control lantana in about 80 years.

These flies, along with other species of fly and parasitic worm, use the dung as a breeding and feeding ground. Cooperative Research Centres for weed management and pest animal control, have been established by the federal government.

They coordinate research and funding between a number of university and government labs for research into control of invasive species. Non government organisations have also been established to fight invasive species, for example, the Invasive Species Council ISC.

Volunteer groups, such as SPRATS , have also made very significant contributions to fighting invasive species, in their case removing sea spurge from large areas of Tasmanian coastline.

Australian quarantine regulations such as those limiting banana imports from developing economies have been recognised as protectionist trade barriers by economists including Kevin Fox, head of Economics at the Australian School of Business.

The weakening of restrictions on importing raw produce into Australia mandated by the World Trade Organisation Future may pose risks of introducing exotic disease organisms.

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List of introduced fish in Australia. Retrieved 22 November Regional climate data reveal the dominant role of humans in explaining global extinctions of Late Quaternary megafauna".

Retrieved 17 July European red fox Vulpes vulpes " PDF. Department of the Environment and Heritage Australia. Archived from the original PDF on 22 September Retrieved 10 May Retrieved 17 October The feral cat Felis catus " PDF.

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