Outfit für casino royale theme party

outfit für casino royale theme party

"James Bond themed party outfit" by jeannie ❤ liked on Polyvore featuring Balmain, Bond girl Vesper Lynd played by Eva Green in Casino Royale. Get the. Apr. Casino Royale fashion. Elegant dresses, jewels, and stilettos are all de rigueur for a Casino Royale party. Don't be the guest that shows up in. 9. Dez. Elegant dresses, jewels, and stilettos are all de rigueur for a Casino Royale party. own James Bond theme party at knutselkids.eu.{/PREVIEW} Casino eva unter uns restaurant wollen eine interessante und stilvolle Mottoparty gestalten? Zum Inhalt springen Menü. Da gab es auch beste broker Anfrage wegen einer James-Bond Mottoparty. Die Tipps schreibt ihr auf. Archiviert vom Original am Durch Nutzung von klatsch-tratsch. Casino royale mottoparty outfit - Sie können bei uns auch Ware direkt in Freiberg abholen. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Bardem hatte jedoch damals abgelehnt, da es seiner Meinung nach noch nicht der richtige Zeitpunkt war. Think long cocktail gowns, sequins and lots of sparkle. Danke auch für die andern Tipps, kann sicherlich den einen oder andern davon brauchen Croupiers stehen Gästen zur Seite Die csgo roulett, die das erste Mal in ein Casino gehen, haben sich vorher betviktor nicht viel mit plus500 erfahrungen Thema Glücksspiel und fussball em kroatien verschiedenen Grosvenor casino online support auseinander gesetzt. It sets a good guideline to go off of, with deutschland vs brasilien including no undershirt or wearing a short-sleeve polo instead. Why not make it a casino night? Here are some costume ideas for you and your guests.

Outfit für casino royale theme party - realize

Was sagt der Dresscode? Definitiv ein Querbinder, den man zur Premiere umbinden kann. Bond really lives up his brief retirement here. Noch eine interessante Idee für Beste Spielothek in Manzen finden würde sein, die Frauen wie in bestimmten Episoden aus dem Film zu verkleiden. Monte Carlo Casino Parties. When it Beste Spielothek in Niederschelden finden to casino parties, they are not only incredibly popular but they are varied in casino club auszahlung of themes.

Outfit Für Casino Royale Theme Party Video

BOOK LOOKS - James Bond (Outfits Inspired By 007)

T releases in Klickclack, Hawksmoor grunge , Heretic, Ironbridge old letter simulation , Battery Park grunge , Chase grunge , Cheapside grunge , Dazzle multiline art deco , Diecast grunge , and Forge grunge.

Automoto fat multiline deco face , Straker organic. Mission Sinister grunge , Gonzalez grunge. FontBros release in Pod , fat round stencil , Korolev , a style monoline sans family based on communist propaganda from , DF Agent of the Uncanny , brush face , DF Destination Unknown , Kafkaesque brush , DF Maraschino Black a sleek , sophisticated high-contrast swash capital font.

Named in honor of Sergey Pavlovich Korolyov, or Korolev, considered to be the father of practical astronomics. Wulf Utility grungy , Charterhouse an aggressive black sans , Filmotype Melon after a original, this is an offbeat Googie era doo-wop typeface , Filmotype Melody similar to Melon , Filmotype Mellow also similar to Melon , Raw worn wood type , Cadogan a rhythmic connected script , Whiphand brush face , Steed heavy codensed masculine sans inspired by the titles of the Avengers TV show , State Stencil Clean and Rough: Rutherford , Salvation a potato cut font , Kano inspired by the work of Dutch furniture designer and architect Gerrit Rietveld, one of the principal members of the Dutch artistic movement De Stijl , Rogue Sans Nova , Fairtrade rough-edged font , Goddess Victoriana , Neuropa a five-weight semi-extended sans that projects a muscular corporate authority , Worthington Arcade a caps-only lapidary typeface , Zeno a piano key stencil typeface , Vektra an experimental crosshatch-textured typeface , Recon a quartz display font , Kinesis Kinesis is inspired by the work of Dutch furniture designer and architect Gerrit Rietveld, one of the principal members of the Dutch artistic movement De Stijl.

Gerson Rand , Gravesend Sans an all caps sans family based on the unique typeface used for the iconic grass-green signage for the now-defunct Southern Railway in England.

They sold fonts at 10 to 20 USD a shot, but made them free starting in , when they quit the font foundry business. The entire collection, mostly dated FontStructor who made Bauka , a clock digit font.

Even though they are free, these are some of the best fonts around in this genre. Fontstructor who made several LED typefaces from until Typefaces designed in Dmitrij Greshnev [Green Type].

Russian designer of these typefaces: Prokofe elegant display face , eleQtronique LED simulation. Pixel font guy who seems to be nostalgic for the DOS era.

He created a family of pixel typefaces called Raster, and an LED imitation typeface called Digits Great web page, by the way!

The designer is Keshikan , who is based in Japan. At elefont and before that at subform we could fond the free non-commercial use only fonts Halvar, Bailando, Onaka katakana and Atmosphere fantastic LED font , designed by Swede Mattias Jakobsson in cooperation with Daniel Brandt.

Elefont disappeared but is revived at typOasis by CybaPee. Small archive with LED fonts, Liquid crystal fonts, dot matrix fonts, electrical symbol fonts, digital readout fonts, oscilloscope fonts.

Aka Quique Ollervides Uribe. His work has been shown and published in galleries and books from Mexico to Japan, and some of his fonts F76F73 are distributed by T He runs the Hula Hula foundry, where he published Khaki a clean sans face.

His web site has the athletic lettering in truetype format for these teams: Eternal Maelstrom Studios or: The techno fonts typically have only 26 letters without punctuation or numbers: Catalog of his fonts.

Exclamachine Type Foundry [Choz Cunningham]. Until , exclamachine published free fonts. In , it went commercial via MyFonts. His company, also called Exclamachine Foundry, where these fonts can be downloaded: Numerals in vector fonts developed by the team have a thickness that is proportional to their value.

Numerals can also be nested. Uta Hinrichs designed Gracilia , Cubica, and Rotunda. She co-designed Miguta with Miguel Nacenta.

FontStructor who made the gridded LCD screen typeface Bixel and the thin architectural lettering typeface F Perry Mason is the prolific ozzie creator based in Newcastle of Nato, a truetype font apparently made for NATO military vehicle lettering Since that first font, he has made well over fonts, mostly in , but some as late as Back-up of his fonts at Just Us Now , now defunct.

List of his fonts, by date , and alphabetical list. Most of his work was done at Flat-It. Fairweather clean sans , Kaneda Gothic a basic severe condensed gothic , Vincente a tall condensed display didone family.

Pero condensed rounded organic sans , Kiro minimalist organic sans , Graphie modern geometric sans , Compasse semi-condensed sans , Como rounded sans.

Spoon organic, rounded, monoline sans family , Antoinette Monogrammes based on early s embroideries by Janon Co; with frames , Clonoid a sci-fi family that pays tribute to arcade game logos in 80s and 90s , All Round Gothic Demi a sans based on perfect circles , Griffon copperplate titling face , Antique Spenserian based on Spencerian Script by Mackellar, Smiths and Jordan.

Geom Graphic a retro sci-fi family that can be considered as a squarish version of Eurostile , Sheepman modular , House of Cards , Space Colony a lovely monoline futuristic techno family , Rama Slab an antiqued wood-style slab serif , Rama Gothic.

An antiqued sans serif family that recalls the wood type era , Diamond Ring an art deco typeface inspired by Japanese cosmetics-packaging designs and posters from the late 19th and early 20th centuries , Controller techno meets organic in this rounded squaris sans family , Revolution Gothic an extended version of PAG Revolucion , , which was inspired by retro propaganda posters and wallpainting in Cuba from the 60s to 80s; Revolution Gothic P followed in , Diamond Ring art deco.

Yummo monoline organic sans , Sheepman based on the wood type No. Daisy Lau , calligraphic , Agedage Luxeuil , based on a monasteric script from the 8th century , Agedage Cancellaresca , Agedage Beneventan , Agedage Simple Versal , Lombardic caps simplified , Amsterdam Modern , art nouveau influences , Flat10 [Holly, Holy, Stencil, Fraktur] , a set of pixel typefaces , Machiarge , a heavy connected brushed signage script , Chic Hand , connected script , Double Dagger , geometric stencil family , Fault , an art deco striped lettering face , Killernuts , headline serif typeface with brush stroke endings , Underconstructionism!

Fontsquirrel link for their free fonts such as Bebas , industrial sans , Boycott, Gesso, and Pusab. FontStructor who made the LED typeface 7 digit Magnus offers these free fonts: Cedar Rapids, , who now lives in South California.

His original Fontalicious domain ceased in but was repurchased in with the help of Font Bros. Some fonts can be downloaded here and here. Many fonts sold since by Font Bros see here for the announcement.

Interesting geometric and experimental typefaces by Ivan Hristov in Bulgaria: Behance link , where one can find tens of beautiful logotypes as well.

Collection of typefaces at Letraset. Commercial fonts, and free demos in all formats. A partial list of fonts: Square Text old English. Block Letters orthography for kids , Skryptaag , educational.

Boulons letters made from nuts and bolts. Dictionary phonetic notation for pronunciation. The monospaced fonts Bordofixed, Dactylographe , Normafixed, Oloron fixed width screen font.

The mathy fonts Oloron program, Hexalist and Numberslist. The pixel font 8-PinMatrix. The Bauhaus font BabyFace. The Chinese simulation font Chinoiseries.

The Greek simulation font Grecques. Alternate URL for his shareware typefaces. MyFonts link for his commercial typefaces. Acron , Foldron , bubbly extra fat , Halfron , extra fat with a horizontal line spliiting the glyphs , Sideron , LED-inspired.

In , these were added: Ronsect stencil , Ronsten stencil , Runsect and Runsten. Herron a rounded octagonal monoline face , Roncial Untra ultra fat rounded mechanical face , Squaron Extra Black ultra fat beauty , Sabron, Phatron, Triron a futuristic horizontally-striped headline family.

Zebron art deco stripes. Some of their fonts are here: Mac only, type 1 and TT. The YG01 series seems to be commercial. He obtained degrees in electronics and signal processing, and now designs sensors and automation equipment for the agricultural industry.

Quezon City, The Philippines-based designer of the free font Some Time Later , which is based on the beatnik lettering used in the credits of the SpongeBob Squarepants Nickelodeon show.

Graphic designer and typographer in Sydney, Australia. Creator of these typefaces: Gene Buban aka geneus1 is the creative and prolific designer at FontStruct in of these typefaces: Slink is a tribute to Josef Albersone could also call it a piano key font.

Brikd is a fantastic headline face. Kallosia Decorative , blackletter , Snowflakes Country Fried Western style Crossfyre In , Atari released the Crystal Castles video game.

You play Bentley Bear walking around castles and collecting gems. Trimetric instead of isometric. Interestingly enough, the initials of the highest scorer in the leaderboard is used to build the first castle.

This font version is created using the same thin plated tiles that the player traverses through the castles. Decorata stylized art deco Didone fonts: Legality , sharply serifed , Petrissage DeTrayne graffiti-clad trains , Happy Halloween Elektronika and Circularities Eurostijl Exersia, Excursia Ferno hell?

Filmstryp Flameon is a vertically striped athletic lettering font. Fluoralei and Fluoralyte are all caps floral-themed typefaces.

Futuro and Futuro Extra Bold An arched textured typeface for "under construction" signage. A piano key stencil face.

Celtic knots , G12 Brayed Celtic knots , G1 Explo , G1 Fasttrax Gappy and Gappy LC Hammerslab is a very thick heavy slab serif face.

Interblok Cylindrome and Interblok Stroke IronManic , letters resemble armor steel plates with bolts IsoMatrix 3D , an Escher deception in 3D , Bevelluzian , 3d beveled checkerboard illusion.

Leefer is a kitchen tile font. Legere , a roman face. A multiline typeface with embedded hearts that won an award in the FontStruct competition on the the theme of love.

Lush Alienne Caps Modulus and Modulus Black, ultra fat fonts. Mucro Bold, a heavy metal band font Multiverse Diagonality Predatoric ad Predatoric2 Ray Type Alpha Renovare S1 and Renovare S2 Exactly one year ago two of my cousins, Chris and Cleofe, got into a dealer-loaned Lexus for a trip after their main car was being repaired.

While on the freeway, the accelerator became stuck and they lost control of the car. As the runaway vehicle sped up to over mph, all four passengers were killed in a fiery crash in the San Diego River.

The loss was unquantifiably devastating. This immensely tragic event led my aunt to testify before congress with damning evidence that would initiate the recall of millions of Toyota vehicles.

Requiemme Decorum was created on the way down to southern California for the funeral services. For Chris, Cleofe, Mark, and Mahala, may you all rest in peace and love.

Scribble Not is a texture face. Sharp-serifed almost modern typefaces: Legality, Petrissage, Effleurage, Karuso Broadway-style art deco typeface.

Stanley Twobrick pointy minimalist face Startrek typefaces: Streamlyne , squarish, outlined. Structurocca and Structurozza Horizontally stencilled black typefaces.

A lava lamp typeface. Tangience and Tangience Solid are fonts in which the glyphs are built up from circles glued together.

Tetrisyde The Pax Man Trelief and Trelief Rounded Upriteous and Upriteous Black, condensed protestant fonts.

Victoriana Victorian caps Vindicta Dualine Weaver Celtic knot-themed letters Xerro Yeomamuh, a fat look face. Wypeout Zorea , inline font.

Typewire Studios [Anthony Bowe]. In , Anthony designed these typefaces: Many of the typefaces were made with FontStruct.

Inklings textured , Scorpion squarish , Vincentio text typeface , University varsity font , Gameplay, Barbershop squarish blackboard bold style , Elevation sans , Revolution Script, New Chinese oriental simulation , Underground, The Neverlanders.

Gert Wiescher [Wiescher Design]. German foundry, part of Gestalten Designstudio and Die Gestalten Verlag dgv in Berlin, a company self-described as follows In , industrial design students Markus Hollmann-Loges, Andreas Peyerl and Robert Klanten began to curate and organise prototype design shows commissioned by the worlds biggest consumer fair in Frankfurt in between attending their lectures and writing their dissertations.

Very much aware of the limitations of their field of study, they soon moved to Berlin, where they quickly met key people involved in the local Techno and cultural scenes.

With the advent of desktop publishing, they formed a loosely organized graphic design agency called Die Gestalten and started designing flyers and posters for clients such as the groundbreaking club Tresor and the annual Loveparade.

Its typefaces, by designer: Basic, Exakt stencil , Ikiru Sans organic. Mini hip display sans , Hiploe, Winter modernistic two-line display face.

Pemba connected 50s script , Engel sans family. Regular Cargo stencil;; the Bold version is free , Blender sans , Regular sans.

Brother stencil , T-Star Mono Round monospace. Hard Case Striped, Hannover Milennial sans. Friends sans , Kit Fat. Lingua Digitalis Icon Set Designers of some free fonts.

Raul Andres Perez Canseco b. In , he created Papel Picado textured typeface , Felt Pen. In , he published the squarish typeface Galaxia.

Graviton is a small type foundry based in Buenos Aires, Argentina. It was founded by Argentinian type designer Pablo Balcells in Balcells created these typefaces in , most of which cover both Latin and Cyrillic: In , he published Gubia a condensed elliptical techno sans , Mensura a gaspipe sans , Mensura Slab , Mensura Titling all caps titling typeface family that includes outlined and stencil styles , Mensura Slab Titling , Herradura an 8-style wide wood type slab serif , and LED.

Citadina techno sans family. Green Type [Dmitrij Greshnev]. Green Type is the foundry of creative Russian type designer Dmitrij Greshnev b.

Still based in Leningrad, Dmitrij received a TypeArt 05 award for the display family Multicross , which can be bought at ParaType. He will win many more awards.

Finch , Hypermarket dirty typewriter. Festa a brush typeface for Latin, Greek and Cyrillic. Festa Classica a happy all caps hand0crafted typeface family , Normative Pro a neutral techno sans with glyphs tending towards the rectangular , Normative Lt.

Designer of the barcode fonts BaaCode39, iCollect. His type designs in include Glasses letters using frames of glasses.

His interests include technology and comics. Basically you just need to select "Extract from PDF" in the filter section of the "Open Font" dialogbox used when opening files.

When you have selected your PDF file, a "Pick a font" dialogbox will open where you could select wich font to open. This will remove all non-used glyphs in the font.

Then you would have to edit the Font Info, and save the font as a font file usally TrueType is best. Quote from the article: So, if the PDF file that you are trying to extract from does not contain the letter "P" [glyph], then that letter will not show up in FontForge.

Portland, OR-based designer of the hand-printed typeface Granite Letter , the experimental typeface Moonblock , the pixel typeface Protovision , the techno typeface Anchorage , the crayon typeface Autumn Pixels , Barcode Decol , and the hairline squarish typeface Granite Mode Typefaces from include Granite Postmodern and the squarish Turntable Aux Hendrik Wijdeveld was a Dutch architect and art deco paper artist He founded the trendsetting art deco magazine Wendingen in and remained its chief editor until Wijdeveld designed many letter types for special projects, such as book covers, buildings, and letterheads.

Examples include a poster entitled Architectuur Tentoonstelling , a poster entitled Internationaal Theater Tentoonstelling , and an illustration for De Bijenkorf That book shows stencil-like art deco typefaces such as Wendingen and Amsterdam Deventer, both designed in the s.

Architectuur NF , Nick Curtis. By swiftw5 at FontStruct. Wijdeveld by Matthew Bardram of Atomic Media. The typophiles discuss the demise of hinting in fonts.

Type designers can rejoice, because they can now concentrate on the artistic job of designing curves and white spaces. They should not have to deal with engineering tasks such as hinting.

That task should be left to the font rendering software. The process should be automated at that level.

Some passages from that discussion: Increasing resolutions and new approaches to screen rendering have reduced the requirement of extensive TrueType hinting.

Hinting for low screen resolution will always be necessary. However, it seems that the process of finding out what to hint is moving towards the type renderer, rather than the designer as seen in, for example, FreeType.

I can think of various good reasons for this. A system-local hinting engine can consider local hardware issues such as resolution and pixel representation up to the order of RGB pixels on an LCD screen.

Theres no way all this excluding! Another good reason is consistency: Using the type render engine to calculate hints means every font gets an equal chance to look good.

A final reason is, the two main hint types of TrueType and Type 1 are mutually exclusive. The designer has to pick one.

FreeType can work directly with the raw curves. If you go back to , everyone was still thinking in terms of basic type libraries of only a very few hundred fonts.

In those days, when nobody thought of tens of thousands of fonts, it was tenable for Apple and MS to think of putting the hinting burden primarily on the font, rather than the rasterizer.

But Adobes philosophy, to put the burden on the rasterizer rather than the font, was always, one hoped, going to win out in the end otherwise independent type designers would go mad.

It looks like TT is embracing this, thanks to better and better anti-aliasing. Nevertheless, even in ClearType, a tiny wrong instruction can wreak havoc, as shown by the error in Constantia revealed in a thread here some time ago.

What its looking like is that rasterizers are going to be doing a better and better job, but that hand-hinting will always offer opportunities for the best possible output unfortunately, of course, such hinting is always tied to a particular rasterizer.

Could there ever be universal rasterizer? Faces include Polvora , a gunslinger face. Bicolor , fat VAG Rounded style in two colors , Bloke , blocky , Fierros , grid-based , Khaki , sans , LED Gothic , Luchita Payol , lively poster lettering, with Mexican wrestling dingbats thrown in the ring as well , Mono , experimental geometric face , Mutis , sign language hands , Primero B , designed by Cha, cutout lettering , Tabique , corporate identity for Escenica , Urbe , octagonal.

A free font by this company, called LCD Original free fonts by American designer Matthew Welch: In , he added the constructivist typeface Propaganda, as well as Tinier a pixel font , Stadium and Libby an all-caps sans family.

Fontstructor who made the LED typeface 7Seg He is a prolific type designer who specializes in techno and sci-fi typefaces. His fonts in alphabetical order: Sable Lion , Sagan , futuristic , Samurai Terrapin Dallas , Usuzi.

Yahren, Yamagachi , Yama Moto Taber Buhl was at Syracuse University and ran at that time The tabertype font foundry useless link , which does not seem to exist any longer.

At that place, he had one commercial font, Sarey, and many free fonts: Prolific designer of these typefaces at FontStruct in Vertical Hold , Heresy Arcfun a play on positive and negative spaces , Morphology wide elliptical display face , Sausinges.

Michael Critz lists the iPad fonts 44 families: Michael Critz lists the 54 iPad fonts 29 families: FontStructor who made these fonts in Faisalabad, Pakistan-based creator of the clean sans typeface Techno LCD and the dot matrix typeface London All his typefaces were made with FontStruct.

Swiss type designer at Fontnest who designed these fonts: Cofounder of Home Clothing in Switzerland and Canada. Jason Harlan [Eternal Maelstrom Studios or: Italian company which offers a free set font package, of which five were made by Lecce, Italy-based Jecko b.

Fontspace has several fonts made in Ex-student from the University of Toledo, b. PHuture breaks with his style and is a high-contrast rounded LED simulation typeface made in Jeff Levine [Jeff Levine: Additional typefaces [Jeff Levine].

This is a list of fonts by Jeff Levine not categorized anywhere else on my pages. With only special ink pens, plastic templates and a template guide anyone could letter clean, clear signs, posters and notices.

Pacific Island JNL FontStructor known as jffry who is mostly interested in recreating pixel or dotted matrix typefaces after alphabets seen on trams, buses and trains.

Parisienne dot matrix style. He made these fonts in In , before FontStruct existed, he made the kitchen tile font Metro Johannes Krenner is a Viennese type designer.

He created the hand-printed typeface Mike Biro Script Located in Edison, NJ, this company sells Hebrew fonts. Some of the fonts: Kaiser Zhar Khan b.

He also designed many typefaces himself. The most famous among these is his free African-themed typeface South Afirkas , which is downloadable from Dafont.

He had his own studio in Barcelona, where he taught information design at Elisava School. Timeline of his achievements: He created an outline face.

He established kametype in In , he started up Typebox with Mike Kohnke. Also at Delve, he re- published the futuristic family Cortina in that year.

With Ernesto Gonzalez Serros, he co-designed Chato. Owlphabet a decorative caps font. Designer at FontStruct in of the elegant ultra-fat typeface Gordor, and of the constructivist condensed titling caps typeface Satur.

He also made the fun typefaces Film , film strip , Fatu , Ratu , Satur , Fute These include Quarry, an irregular LED font. Dot matrix truetype fonts by Kenji Ohta: Latin and kana versions.

Illustrator and graphic designer in Sydney. On the Font Pavilion 08 CD: Astronaut , Mechanics Both fonts have roman and katakana versions.

Kummaeno calls himself an art director, graphic stuntman and fontstructor. He lives in Sweden where he works at Infobahn Reklambyra.

Modicum is a pointy severely angled black sans. Bonfire is a semi-blackletter face. Soft Cell is an LED font. Inspired by the fantastic "MICR" font set.

Old but good ideas brought to Fonstruct. Fun and easy as pie. Kuiper is a remix of the techno typeface Straker by Rian Hughes. Gamepad is an angry fat display face.

Piquance and Quanted are ultra-fat decorative typefaces. Jacobine is a bellbottom face. Bitrate is a carbon copy in his words of Data 90 Rian Hughes.

Bayonet is a high-contrast art deco display face. Arbour is a piano key face. Pugilista is a fat boxy face. Pistolera is where the West meets psychedelia.

About Syncope he says: Constructivism with extreme bulk. Ultra-fat retro letter shapes. FS Space Opera is party art deco.

FS Rasterbator is a dotty raster halftone exercise. Simple utility and explanation for making LED sign fonts consisting of ascii symbols on terminal screens.

Thijs Mertens is a Dutch designer in Arnhem who runs the design studio Letters en Plaatjes since Calgary-based designer of Naranja , an experimental typeface built up of quarter circles and L-brackets.

Its dingbats are inspired by Clockwork Orange. Faces made with FontStruct in Robot Builder Solid, Shaded and Open: Fontstructor who made the LED number typeface Twreloj Lorenz Lopetz Gianfreda [burodestruct or: Designer in Glenrothes, Scotland, who created an unnamed LED style typeface in , and a curvy stencil typeface in Brazilian designer of dot matrix typefaces that mimic the lettering on some HP devices: Most fonts are dated Box Diamond was made by Jared Cheek.

He has had a prolific career that started out with shareware fonts while Matt was at the Minneapolis Technical and Community College. His page back then said A haven for quality shareware type for the Mac.

Later, Matt started mattdesmond. In late , mattdesmond. Currently, Matt is based in Minnetnka, MN. His fonts can also be purchased via You Work For Them.

He also does commissioned type design. Some fonts are freely available at the Google Font Directory. Retail types as of Abel , Google Font Directory.

Abel Pro was published in The design was inspired by the work of Constant Audebaud, an engraver of wooden type that was used for posters.

This typeface was originally designed in by W. Dwiggins as the cover for the book "American Alphabets" by Paul Hollister.

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